Can Dualsun panels be used only for photovoltaics (without fluid inside)?


Yes, our Dualsun Spring hybrid panels can be used only for photovoltaic electricity generation without using water heating.


This is the case, for example, with swimming pool heating systems: in winter, the panels must be emptied to avoid any risk of freezing. Photovoltaic production, on the other hand, works without any problems.


This is also the case in the reverse configuration, where only the thermal part can be functional while waiting for the electrical connection of the installation.


From a technical point of view, it is possible to commission either part (electrical or thermal) of the DualSun hybrid solar panels separately. The electrical connection for the photovoltaic part and the hydraulic connection for the thermal part are independent of each other.


However, we recommend to make all the electrical and hydraulic connections on the roof during the installation so that you do not have to go back to the roof afterwards.


The installation must be checked at the time of commissioning:

  • Injection into the grid when the photovoltaic part is connected by the grid operator.

  • Leakage control and hydraulic flow during the commissioning of the thermal part.


A 2-in-1 solar system without commissioning constraints is an additional argument if you wonder why you should choose Dualsun instead of photovoltaic and solar thermal side by side?