What tests are carried out on the DualSun solar station?


100% of our solar stations undergo a pressurized leak test at the factory. These tests make it possible to detect leaks in components such as the glass part of the flowmeter, the valves, the pump; or to detect the absence of a seal on a fitting. However, the possibility of a micro-leak remains. The implementation of a micro-leak inspection would be too expensive and not necessarily useful for the following reasons:

  • The connections are tightened using an adapted tool with recommended tightening torque; the risk of leakage is therefore very low

  • The hydraulic connection of the unit can potentially cause a slight loosening of an individual fitting

NB: the leak sampling rate is 1 station / 10000. The risk is not zero but very infrequent and we can confirm that so far we have not encountered any defect in products delivered to customers. The watertightness of the unit must always be checked during the commissioning of an installation (pressurized water test). This test is now done by the installers on the day before the end of the project. This allows them to respond on the last day if a leak should be found on the solar station.