What do the terms "unglazed" and "WISC" mean on DualSun's Solar Keymark certificates?



The terms “unglazed” and “WISC” are related to the glazing on the front of the solar panels.

WISC : Wind and Infrared Solar Collector has the sale meaning as “unglazed”.

DualSun hybrid solar panels are not equipped with double glazing to generate a greenhouse effect, as flat thermal solar panels can be.

The energy performance of our panels is therefore more sensitive to the effect of the wind and radiative losses.

DualSun panels are thus classified, according to ISO 9806, as panels WISC in certificates Solar Keymark.

Note: The term “WISC” has replaced the term “unglazed” since 2013, but Solar Keymark certification documents may still contain the term “unglazed”.


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