Are the DualSun panels approved for the RHI scheme in the UK?


Yes, DualSun PVT panels are approved for the non-domestic RHI heat incentive

Guidance Volume 1: Eligibility and how to apply

“6.5. For clarity, hybrid solar photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) systems will be eligible for RHI support in respect of their heat output only, provided that the thermal output of the system is separately rated in kWth, there is separate thermal metering and the solar thermal aspect of the technology is either a liquid flat plate or evacuated tube typesystem.” (page 43)

However, PVT panels are not yet registered in the government financial incentive for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, when the panels are used to produce domestic hot water.

Eligible heating systems

So, if used for space heating or industrial process, and in association with a ground source heat pump, the project will get the incentive.