How do I write up an estimate/invoice for DualSun so that my client can benefit from all available aid and subsidies?


In order for your end customers to benefit from all available aid, it is necessary to be as explicit and clear as possible in the information to be included in your quotes and invoices. 

1) The 3 main points to be eligible for aid (which therefore should be mentioned in the quotes/invoices) are the following:

  • Solar Keymark certification (for Energy Transition Tax Credit, 5.5% VAT)

  • output of 500 W/m² (for Energy Transition Tax Credit, 5.5% VAT)

  • RGE QualiPV (self-consumption bonus) and Qualisol (Energy Transition Tax Credit) certified installer 

2) Employ the “official” name for our panels: Hybrid thermal and electric solar collector with circulating fluid