Does DualSun offer any batteries?


No, there are no batteries in the DualSun catalog.


We do not sell batteries, but you can connect batteries to DualSun panels, there are no compatibility problems. An approved installer will be able to offer you some in your final estimate and advise you on the best system to install with your DualSun panels.


That said, we do not recommend aiming for total electrical autonomy (except in the case of an isolated site of course!).

Indeed, today battery-based storage will significantly increase the cost of your solar installation.


On the other hand, to create a solar installation capable of covering all of your needs, it is imperative to accurately size your installation. Only a specialized research office can help you in this process by studying your consumption profile over at least one year.


The SPRING solar panels, via their heat exchanger, will heat the water in a tank that can keep it hot for long hours, it is a form of energy storage that does not require batteries.


Also, to evolve towards energy autonomy based on renewable energies, the first reflex to adopt is to adapt its consumption to production.


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