Is it possible to do a DualSun simulation with software other than that offered by DualSun?


The DualSun panel is present today in the databases of most standard solar sizing software. Below is the list of software that integrates our DualSun panels.

Solo Software


SOLO is a thermal software, specialized for the sizing of thermal solar installations, in individual houses and collectives.

Originally developed by the CSTB, the SOLO software is both available online and in the form of software to be installed individually. The online version is hosted by the TECSOL site, which is in charge of maintenance, and therefore of integrating new panels into the database.

SOLO is a reference software, known and recognized. It is widely used by installers and design offices.


POLYSUN software

The Polysun simulation software is an effective assistant for solar hybrid, thermal, heat pump and photovoltaic installation projects as well as for combined installations.


PVsyst software

PV syst is a reference software in the field of photovoltaics and allows the study and simulation ofphotovoltaic systems. It was developed in 1992 by André Mermoud and is still widely used by many architects, design offices, engineers and researchers.

The simulation offered by the software calculates the distribution of energies throughout the year. A complete report with all the parameters involved and the main results is thus created with each new solar study by the software and can be sent directly to the customer.

PVsyst is able to take into account shading, to simulate several fields with different orientations, it helps in the choice of the inverter and checks the compatibility between the field of PV panels and the inverter. These elements allow the software to produce precise results, which are in tune with reality.


Archelios software

Archelios™ CALC takes into account any type of photovoltaic installation in its entirety, from the photovoltaic panels to the inverter and from the inverter to the network.


Archelios™ CALC presents a complete and global view of the installation from the photovoltaic modules to the connection to the public distribution network, and in self-consumption from the photovoltaic modules to the installations.


The archelios™ PRO photovoltaic design software integrates its own 3D modeling functionality. This allows users to manage 3D projects in a single interface, without needing to have extensive expertise to use third-party 3D modeling software such as SketchUp or Revit®.

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