How does the MyDualSun costing block work?


How does MyDualSun estimate the price of a DualSun installation?

A detailed article is available to you here: What is the cost of a DualSun installation ?

The total “supplied-installed” price of a solar installation varies enormously from one project to another depending on the characteristics of the installation and the technical constraints linked to installation.

To obtain a reliable price, it is best to get a detailed quote from a specialist installer.

For your DualSun solar installation, there is assistance which depends on the country.


What VAT rate does MyDualSun take into account?

For France we respect the VAT rates specified in this FAQ (french version only): Is DualSun eligible for reduced rate VAT?

For our 10 main countries we apply the local VAT and for the others we do apply a defautl 20% VAT rate/


Can MyDualSun calculate the public subsidies?

Yes but only for the French and Swiss market.
Therefore if you are doing a simulation outside of France no help or incentive from the states is taken into consideration. 


How is labor calculated on MyDualSun?

We base ourselves on a labor price of €400 excluding VAT per day.

Then, we apply a labor time for each product. You can view some estimated labor times for each product below:

  • 30 minutes / SPRING panel

  • 20 minutes / FLASH panel

  • 8 hours for plumbing connections and installation of a solar tank

  • 2 hours for the installation and commissioning of a solar station

The sum of these assembly times gives us an estimate of labor time. And therefore the cost of this on the basis of €400 excluding tax/day.