How does the MyDualSun economy block work?


What does the pool water temperature gain displayed on MyDualSun correspond to?

The simulation report of a solar swimming pool heating project with MyDualSun displays a temperature gain in °C on the result page. This data makes it possible to give an estimate of the “average” temperature gain provided by the DualSun SPRING hybrid solar panels compared to the same swimming pool without any heating equipment. Here is an excerpt from it:


How is the economic gain calculated on MyDualSun?

The economic gain displayed on the results page, an extract of which is displayed opposite, results from the sum of your electrical and thermal gains over 25 years of production. Remember that your solar panels continue to produce energy after 25 years.

Indeed, hasWith DualSun, you save on your electric bill with our DualSun FLASH panels. But also on your hot water bill if you have chosen our SPRING hybrid solar panels.

Concerning the electrical gain, it is the sum of your self-consumed electricity and your electricity resold on the electricity network.

Regarding thermal gain, depending on whether your hot water is produced by an electric tank or by a boiler (gas, fuel oil, wood, etc.). You save electricity, gas or any other energy which will be taken into account in this calculation of economic gain.

How are the tons of CO2 saved over 25 years calculated on MyDualSun?

By consuming electricity or hot water from solar panels, you will avoid CO2 emissions due to the production of this electrical energy or hot water.

The calculation of tonnes of CO2 saved is therefore the sum of emissions avoided by:

  • Electricity resold on the electrical network. Not produced by a nuclear, gas or coal power plant most often. More information on the ENERPLAN study available here.

  • Self-consumed electricity.Not produced by a nuclear, gas or coal power plant most often.

  • Hot water consumed. Not produced by an electric tank or a gas boiler most often.

To all these avoided emissions, we must add the CO2 emissions produced during the manufacturing of solar panels and the elements constituting your installation (inverter or micro-inverter, wiring, circuit breaker, etc.).

For more information on avoided CO2 emissions, you can consult this article: What is the carbon footprint of DualSun panels and installations?

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